Tug Boats for Sale and Charter

Tugboats for sale and tugboats for charter to include twin screw tugboat, Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tugboat, Voith Schneider Tractor tugboat (VST), Azimuth Tractor Tugboat (ATT) propulsion systems.  Tugboat designs available include used Damen Stantug, Damen Shoalbuster, RAmparts and RAstar (Robert Allan designed tugs) as well as many others.  A selection of these tugboats for sale / charter are listed below.  With the acceleration of green energy, hybrid tug boats and electric tugboats are also becoming available.  Fairways Marine Brokerage has a worldwide network and can source other tugboats such as harbour tugs, terminal tugs, escort tugs, seagoing tugs, towage tugs, offshore tugs of various bollard pulls and tugs with ice class to meet your requirement please contact us on E: info@fairwaysmarinebrokerage.co.uk or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 11607:

Damen Tug 10.3 TBP for Sale

Damen Stan Tug for Sale with BV Class
Built:2006 Class:BV (just renewed) Dimensions:16.59m LOA Tonnage:37/11 Propulsion:2 CAT 3408 C DI-TA
Accommodation:14 inc. crew Location:N. Europe

New Build 65 TBP Fire Fighting ASD x 2

Vessle Title Here
Built:2022 Class:TBC Dimensions:30 Tonnage:65 TBP Propulsion:ASD Accommodation:TBC Location:On Named Buyers
FMB 8698:

Tugboat 25 TBP Azimuth Stern Drive

Azimuth Stern Drive Tug Persian Gulf
Built:2008 Class:LR 100 A1, Tug, LMC Dimensions:26m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar 3508B Accommodation:10 Pax Location:Middle East
FMB 10469:

Twin Screw Tugboat 57 TBP

Twin Screw Tugboat for Sale West Africa
Built:2004 Class:BV 1 +Hull, Mach, Tug, Unrestricted navigation, AUT-UMS (SS) Dimensions:35.26m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar 3516 B TA/A Accommodation:12 Pax Location:West Africa
FMB 10055:

Twin Screw Tug 59 TBP

Twin Screw Tugboat for Sale West Africa
Built:2007 Class:BV 1 +Hull, Mach, Tug, Unrestricted navigation, +AUT-UMS (SS) Dimensions:35.26m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar 3516B TA/A Accommodation:12 pax Location:West Africa
FMB 3948:

Tugboat ASD 53 TBP

Azimuth Stern Drive Tug for Sale West Africa
Built:1999 Class:LR+100A1, Tug, +LMC, UMS Dimensions:30.82m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x 2 x Caterpillar 3516B TA Accommodation:10 Pax Location:West Africa
FMB 4659:

30 TBP Twin Screw Tug

Tug Twin Screw - 30 TBP Tug
Built:1988 Class:Lloyds Dimensions:24.30m Tonnage:156 / 46 Propulsion:2x Ruston Type 6AP230M Accommodation:6 persons Location:NW Europe
FMB 11475:

ASD Tug 45 TBP

Vessle Title Here
Built:1991 Class:Lloyds Dimensions:28. LOA Tonnage:307/92 Propulsion:2 x Cat Accommodation:8 Location:Australia
FMB 3572:

15 TBP Twin Screw Tug - Sale or Charter

Small Twin Screw Tug
Built:1984 Class:Local Dimensions:19.80m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Deutz SBA 8M Accommodation:TBC Location:NW Europe
FMB 2848:

ASD Tug 50 TBP for Charter

Azimuth Stern Drive Tug for Charter
Built:1991 Class:LR Dimensions:30m LOA Tonnage:371 GT/ 111 NT Propulsion:Azimuth Stern Drive + Bow Thruster Accommodation:8 Location:Europe
FMB 0740:

32 TBP Voith Tug with FiFi 1

Voith Tug for Sale
Built:1984 Class:Lloyds Dimensions:30.21m LOA, 4.615m Draft Tonnage:285 GRT / 85 NRT Propulsion:2 x Ruston(6RKCM) 2640bhp + 2 x Voith Accommodation:8 Location:NW Europe
FMB 8700:

Tug / Anchor Handling Tug - 48 TBP

Vessle Title Here
Built:2004 Class:ABS + A-1 Dimensions:34m LOA Tonnage:394 GT Propulsion:2 x CAT 3516 - B Accommodation:14 Bunks Location:Mid Atlantic
FMB 3588:

Delta Tug 10 TBP Twin Screw for Sale

Twin Screw Delta Tug for Sale
Built:1991 Class:MCA Cat. 2 Dimensions:15.40 Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cummings KT19-M Accommodation:2 x Bunks Location:NW Europe
FMB 1659:

Azimuth Stern Drive Tug 52 TBP for Charter

ASD Tug for Charter
Built:2015 Class:BV Dimensions:22.07m LOA Tonnage: Propulsion:2 x Cats Accommodation: Location:Europe (others available worldwide)

Damen Shoalbuster Tug

Vessle Title Here
Built:2000 onwards Class:Yes Dimensions:22 - 32m LOA available Tonnage: Propulsion:Twin Screw Accommodation: Location:Europe
FMB 11502:

Damen Stan Tug 12.9 TBP - Charter

ASD Tug for Sale
Built:2002 Class:BV Dimensions:16.89m LOA Tonnage:42/19 Propulsion:2 x CAT 3408CTA Accommodation:n/a Location:Middle East
FMB 11507:

Damen Tug 13 TBP (crane and winch) - Charter

ASD tugboat for sale Australia
Built:2002 Class:BV Dimensions:16.89m LOA Tonnage:78 / 23 Propulsion:2 x CAT 3412 E AA Accommodation:Yes Location:Middle East
FMB 4221:

46 TBP ASD / Unilever Tug

ASD Tugboat
Built:1982 Class:LR100 A1 Dimensions:34.00 LOA Tonnage:#### Propulsion:2 x Daihatsu Accommodation:#### Location:Southern Hemisphere
FMB 5731:

46 TBP ASD / Unilever Tug for Sale

azimuth stern drive tugboat
Built:1983 Class:DNV GL 1A1 Tug E0 Class Dimensions:32.17m LOA Tonnage:#### Propulsion:2 x Daihatsu Accommodation:#### Location:Southern Hemisphere
FMB 3917:

47 TBP ASD / Combi Tug

Vessle Title Here
Built:1991 Class:DNV GL 1A1 Tug E0 Class (ss due Oct.21 Dimensions:29.42m LOA Tonnage:#### Propulsion:2 x Detroit Diesel Accommodation:#### Location:Southern Hemisphere
FMB 0933:

46 TBP ASD Tug

azimuth stern drive tug for sale
Built:1986 Class:Lloyds - Note SS / DD due April 21 Dimensions:30.60m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Ruston 6RKCM 1555 BHP each at 750 rpm. Total 3110 BHP + 2 x Aquamasters Accommodation:8 Berths Location:N. Europe
FMB 8598:

11 TBP Damen Tug / Workboat

Damen Tugboat for sale
Built:1982 Class:Local Class (previous GL etc.) Dimensions:15.70 Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x 365 bhp Caterpillar 3408TA. c9000hrs. Accommodation:4 Location:NE Europe
FMB 4227:

Ice Class Tug - 23 TBP - Charter

Built:2009 Class:Ice Class 1 B Dimensions:25m (LOA), 2.2m (Draft) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cummins Accommodation:12 Pax Location:Europe
FMB 5100:

Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) 80 TBP Tugboat

Azimuth stern drive anchor handling tug
Built:2012 (China) Class:IRS SUL (has AHT winch, but doesnt have AHT notation at present) Dimensions:45.64m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Niigata 8L28HX total 6,000 bhp 2 x ZP-41 Accommodation:TBC Location:Middle East
FMB 7969:

Shallow Draft Twin Screw Tug 41 TBP

Vessle Title Here
Built:2009 Class:BV Dimensions:28.93m LOA. 3.20m Draft Tonnage:317 GRT / 96 NRT Propulsion:2 x Cummins (2 x 1600 bhp) Accommodation:14 Location:Middle East
FMB 1015:

43.65 TBP Twin Screw Damen Tug

Damen Tug South America
Dimensions:21.93m (LOA) Tonnage:144.82/115.86
Propulsion:2 x Cummins Engines Accommodation:1 x 1, 1 x 4 man cabins Location:South America
FMB 0891:

Ice Class Tug 52 TBP Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD)

Ice Class Tug - for sale
Built:2018 Class:Arc4 (ice) R1 Aut1-C FF3WS Oil Recovery Ship (< 60degr C), Escort Tug
Dimensions:37.70m LOA, 12.10 Breadth, 5.20m Draft
Propulsion:2 x CAT 3516 B/Two Azimuth Thrusters CP255 Accommodation:# Location:Europe
FMB 0924:

Damen Stantug 2207 - 30 TBP

Damen Stan Tug 2207 South America Gulf of Mexico Twin Screw Tug
Built:1995 Class:ABS - note ss/dd due June 2020
Dimensions:22.50m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cummins KTA38 M Accommodation:TBC Location:South America
FMB 8541:

RAmparts 3200 - 70 TBP ASD Tug

RAmparts Robert Allen Tug design ASD
Built:New build - Robert Allan Design Class:LR Dimensions:32.00m Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cat 3516C Accommodation:TBC Location:Email for details
FMB 8542:

RAmparts 2500 - 50 TBP ASD Tug

50 TBP ASD Tug - POA
Built:New build - Robert Allan Design Class:LR Dimensions:25.40m Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cat 3512C Accommodation:TBC Location:Email for details
FMB 0893:

Twin Screw Tugboat (26.4 TBP)

Twin Screw Tug Boat (26.4 TBP)
Built:1988 Class:LR +100A1 TUG + LMC UMS Dimensions:24.70m (LOA) x 7.30m Beam) 3.60m(Draft) Tonnage:173 (GRT) Propulsion:2 x Ruston 6 AP 230 M, Propellers in Nozzles Accommodation:7 (1x single cabin 3x double cabin) Location:Europe
FMB 0794:

70 TBP Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tugboat

70 TBP ASD Tug - POA
Built:2010 Class:Lloyds Register *100 A1 tug, fifi(2400cbm)w/waterspray, LMC 06/02, UMS DIRP 06/02 Trading Dimensions:30.80m (LOA), 11.19 (breath moulded), 5.55m (draft moulded) Tonnage:397 GT Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar, Azimuth Propellers + bow thruster Accommodation:6 Location:Europe
FMB 0266:

39 TBP Twin Screw Tugboat

30 TBP Tug - POA
Built:1993 Class:Lloyd's register class 100 A1, tug service, LMC. Unrestricted navigation, GMDSS class A1+A2. Dimensions:29.02m (LOA), 8.62m (Beam) 3.77m (Draft) Tonnage:65T/219T Propulsion:2 x Yanmar M220 (3500 bhp) Accommodation:3 x 1 cabins + 1 x 6 cabin Location:Europe
FMB 0220:

Damen Stantug

Damen Stan Tug - POA
Built:2011 Class:BV I ✠ Hull . MACH Tug Coastal Area Dimensions:16.56m Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 X Caterpillar C18 TA / B Accommodation:4 Berths Location:Worldwide
FMB 0991:

21.7 TBP Twin Screw Tugboat

Twin Screw Tug UK
Class:MCA Class XI Tug
Dimensions:28.68m LOA
Tonnage:GT 149
Propulsion:2 x Lister Blackstone Accommodation:7 (2 x singles, 1 x 5 berth)
Location:North Europe
FMB 0783:

62 TBP Anchor Handling Tug (AHT)

Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) / Towage Tug
Built:2005 Class:ABS + A1, Towing Vessel, (E), + AMS Dimensions:40m (LOA) Tonnage:497 GRT Propulsion:2 x Wartsila + bow thruster Accommodation:18 Location:Middle East