Multicat Workboats

Multicat workboats for sale and multicat workboats for charter to include used Damen multicat (or Damen dredge helper), Neptune Eurocarrier, Meercat road transportable workboat or multipurpose workboat.  For more details on the multicats or multicat type workboats below, or to enquire about something specific please contact us on E: or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 0900:

Damen Dredge Helper 21 TBP

Damen Dredge Helper for Sale Europe
Built:1994 Class:BV (to 2024) Dimensions:23.30m (LOA) GT/NT:133/53 Propulsion:2 x Cummins KT19 M2 Accommodation:2 x Twin Berth Cabins Location:NW Europe
FMB 4862:

Eurocarrier 2209 16 TBP Workboat - Charter

Eurocarrier 2209 Neptune
Built:2008 Class:BV Class Dimensions:21.60m LOA GT/NT:90 GT Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar Accommodation:3 x 2 person cabins Location:NW Europe
FMB 0873:

Multicat Workboat 40 T Cargo Capacity - Charter

Vessle Title Here
Built:2014 Class:Local - 60nm from Safe Haven Dimensions:18.75m LOA GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:2 x Doosan L086TIH Accommodation:TBC Location:Europe
FMB 0487:

17 TBP Multicat - Charter

Multicat workboat for charter
Built:1999 Class:MCA Cat. 2 Dimensions:25.00 GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:Twin Engines Accommodation:5 Berths Location:NW Europe
FMB 0119:

Damen Multicat 2611 (33 TBP) - Charter

33 TBP Multicat for hire
Built:2007 Class:BV Dimensions:26.00m (LOA) GT/NT: Propulsion:3 x Cummins KTA 38MO Accommodation:3 Cabins Location:Southern Europe
FMB 4158:

DP2 Damen Service Vessel (41 TBP) - Charter

DP2 Service Vessel 41 TBP Europe
Built:2017 Class:BV Dimensions:33.00m (LOA) GT/NT: Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar 512C Accommodation:9 Cabins Location:Europe
FMB 8536:

DP2 Renewables Service Vessel - Charter

Renewables Service Vessel DP2
Built:2019 Class:BV Dimensions:33.18m (LOA) GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:Rolls Royce Accommodation:TBC Location:Europe
FMB 0636:

Multicat Type Workboat (Winch/Crane/Spuds)

Multicat type workboat for sale or charter
Built:2004 Class:MCA Dimensions:15m (LOA) GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cummins N855M (Kort Propulsion) Accommodation:TBC Location:NW Europe
FMB 0878:

Damen Multicat 17 TBP

Damen Multicat for Sale or Charter
Built:1990s Class:Local Europe Dimensions:23.96 (loadline length) GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:2 x Cat Accommodation:3 x Berth + 1 x Captain Berth Location:Europe
FMB 0772:

29 TBP Neptune Eurocarrier (29 TBP) - Charter

Euro carrier 29 TBP – POA
Built:2008 (Neptune) Class:Lloyds + 100A1 SSC workboat G5 LMC UMS Dimensions:24.50m (LOA), 9.9m (Beam), 2.3m (Draft min) GT/NT:# Propulsion:2 x Cummins Accommodation:6 Location:Europe
FMB 0837:

29 TBP Neptune Work Boat - Charter

Neptune Work Boat – POA
Built:2009 (Neptune) Class:Bureau Veritas 1+ Hull - Machinery Special Service, Multi Purpose Vessel, Unrestricted Navigation Dimensions:24.50m (lOA) , 9.9m (Beam), 2 – 2.5m (working draft) GT/NT:# Propulsion:2 x Cummins Accommodation:6 Location:Middle East
FMB 0838:

29.5 TBP Damen Multicat Work Boat - Charter

Damen Multicat Type Work Boat - POA
Built:2003 (Damen) Class:Bureau Veritas I 3/3 (E) Tug ‘Coastal Waters’. Loadline Certificate. Dimensions:26.00 m (LOA), 11.5 (Beam) 2.5m (Max Draft) GT/NT:# Propulsion:3 x Cummins KTA-19M3 Accommodation:5 Location:Europe
FMB 0231:

3 Part Meercat Work Boat - Charter

3 Part Multicat Type Work Boat - Charter
Built:2009 Class:Domestic Certificate Dimensions:15.50m (LOA), 8.5m (Beam), 0.8m (Draft) GT/NT:22.5 GT Propulsion:2 x Doosan L126T Accommodation:1 heated cabin/ Separate WC/ galley Location:Europe
FMB 0649:

Multicat Work Boat Modular

Multicat Type Work Boat - POA
Built:1993 Class:BV l Hull Mach Special Service Work Boat Sheltered Area Dimensions:21.85m (LOA), 9.72m (Beam), 2.4m (Draft) GT/NT:147 GT Propulsion:2 x Mitsubishi 56ASMPTK Accommodation:tbc
Location:Northern Europe