Crew Transfer Vessels for Sale and Charter

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) used to construction and maintain offshore wind farms are normally aluminum or GRP catamarans and have capacity to transport wind farm personnel and equipment to offshore windfarm sites at speed.  With the acceleration of green energy hybrid crew transfer vessels are also becoming available.  A selection of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) for sale and charter through Fairways Marine Brokerage are listed below.  Others may also be available, please contact us for any specific requirements on E: or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 8890:

Crew Transfer Vessel - Charter

Crew transfer vessel for hire
Built:2009 /Upgrade 2019 (South Boats) Class:MCA Dimensions:23.30m LOA (lengthened 2019) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Man + Jets Accommodation:12 Pax Location:NW Europe
FMB 10659:

Lifeboat and Marinized Tractor

Lifeboat and launhing tractor for sale
Built:2004 Class:TBA - Built to KNRM Spec Dimensions:11m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Volvo-Penta, 2x Hamilton jets - 35 knots max. Accommodation:Rescue of upto 50 people Location:NW Europe
FMB 0923:

Crew / Survey Vessel

Crew Survey vessel for sale UK
Built:1999 Class:MCA 60nm Dimensions:19m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x MAN Accommodation:12 + Galley / Head Location:Europe
FMB 9951:

Swath Crew Transfer Vessel

Crew Transfer Vessel sale charter
Built:2014 Class:Local Coding Dimensions:20m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:Cummins QSM 11, Rolls Royce FF41 jets Accommodation:12 Pax Location:NW Europe
FMB 11313:

Hybrid Propulsion Crew Transfer Vessel

Vessle Title Here
Built:December 2022 Class:TBC Dimensions:25.80 Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:IMO 3 engines, CPP, electric hybrid-ready motorisation Accommodation:24 Pax. Location:Asia
FMB 9947:

Crew Transfer Vessel (laid up)

Vessle Title Here
Built:2012 Class:DNV 1AQ HSLCR2, MCA Cat.2 Dimensions:18.50 (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:Cummins QSM 11 Rolls Royce FF41 jets Accommodation:12 Pax Location:NW Europe
FMB 8984:

24 Pax Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) - Charter

Crew Transfer Vessel Windfarm Support 24 Passengers
Built:2021 Class:BV I ✠HULL •MACH Wind Farms Service Ship – M0, Sea Area 3 Dimensions:27.10 Tonnage:104 GT Propulsion:4 x Scania Accommodation:24 Business Class Seats Location:TBC
FMB 9532/1:

Crew Transfer Vessel 24 Pax - Charter

windfarm support crew vessel for charter
Built:2021 Class:BV - MCA HS-OSC Code Cat. 1 Dimensions:27.10m LOA Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar C32 Accommodation:24 Pax Location:TBC
FMB 0925:

Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610

Damen FCS 2610 - wind farm vessel
Built:2013 Singapore Class:Renewed Dec. 2018 Dimensions:25.68m (LOA) Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:2 x CAT C32 Accommodation:12 day pax Location:Europe
FMB 5919:

Crew Transfer Vessel / Survey Vessel

Crew Transfer Vessel for sale or hire
Built:2000 Class:Local Classification Dimensions:25.14m (LOA) Tonnage:65.62 GRT / 18 DWT Propulsion:2x Deutz TBD-620 / 2 x Water Jets MJP Accommodation:12 Suspension Seats Location:Europe
FMB 0655:

Crew Transfer Vessel - Charter

Wind Farm Support Vessel
Built:2009 Class:MCA Cat 2 Dimensions:15.50m x 6.30m x 1.0m Tonnage:# Propulsion:2 x Scania Accommodation:12 Location:Europe
FMB 1025:

Southboats Crew Transfer Vessel

Southboats Windfarm support vessel
Propulsion:2 x Cat. Accommodation:12 Pax
Location:Middle East