Accommodation Work Barge and Floatel

Accommodation barges for sale and accommodation barges for charter.  These include offshore accommodation barges for the oil, gas and renewable energy (offshore wind) industry and shoreside accommodation barges also know as floatels which can accommodate workforces and personnel in one area.  Other types of accommodation barges such as pipelay barges, accommodation jackup barges, accommodation vessels and pipelay accommodation barges can also be sourced.  A selection of these accommodation work barges for sale and accommodation barges for charter through Fairways Marine Brokerage are listed below.  Accommodation barges may also be equipped with dynamic positioning such as DP1 accommodation barge, DP2 accommodation barge and DP3 accommodation barge.   For more details and any specific requirements please contact us on E: or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 8798:

Accommodation Work Barge - 300 T Crane - Charter

Accommodation work barge
Built:2009 Class:ABS Dimensions:100.58m LOA GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:n/a - 8 point mooring Accommodation:300 Location:West Africa
FMB 10647:

Accommodation Work Barge 70T Crane

Accommodation work barge for hire
Built:2008 Class:ABS Dimensions:100m LOA GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:n/a - 8 point mooring Accommodation:300 Location:West Africa
FMB 0670:

Accommodation Work Barge - Sale or Charter

Accommodation Work Barge
Built:1997/2008 Class:In Class Dimensions:86.01 x 27.50 GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:300 Location:Middle East
FMB 8999:

Accommodation Work Boat - 200 Pax

Vessle Title Here
Built:2004 Class:Yes Dimensions:73m LOA GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:2 x 2000 bhp Accommodation:200 Beds Location:SE Asia
FMB 8886:

68 T Crane / 300 Men Accommodation Work Barge

Accommodation work barge west africa
Built:2009 Class:TBC Dimensions:100m LOA GT/NT:10.575 (GT) Propulsion:n/a - 8 point mooring system Accommodation:300 Location:West Africa
FMB 0503:

140 T Crane 200 Pax Accommodation Crane Barge

Vessle Title Here
Built:1977, converted 2000 / 2008 Class:ABS Dimensions:60.96m (LOA) GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:n/a - 8 point mooring system Accommodation:200 Location:Caspian Sea
FMB 2395:

Pipelay Barge

Pipelay Vessel
Built:2019 Class:★CSA, Pipe Layer/Floating Crane, Lifting Appliance, ICE Class B Helicopter facilities, no propulsion, crew accommodation (MLC) Dimensions:172.50m
GT/NT:GT: 28533/NT: 8559
Location:Far East
FMB 0864:

300 Men / 300T Crane Accommodation Work Barge

300 Men/300 T Accommodation Work Barge
Built:2012/13 (delivery) Class:ABS Dimensions:100m (LOA) GT/NT:10445/3133 Propulsion:n/a - 8pt mooring system Accommodation:300 Location:Asia
FMB 0868:

DP3 600 Men Work Barge - CHARTER

DP3 600 Men Accommodation  Work Barge 8 point mooring system
Class:ABS Dimensions:115.5m LOA
GT/NT:# Propulsion:n/a - DP3 
Location:Far East (can be mobilised)
FMB 0302:

Accommodation Barge (Floatel) - Charter

670 men accommodation barge shoreside workers for hire
Class:Lloyds + A100 Pontoon
Dimensions:91.60 (LOA) GT/NT:n/a