Jack-up Barges for sale and charter

Jack-up barges, lift boats, windfarm installation vessels and modular jack-up barges for sale or charter through Fairways Marine Brokerage are listed below. Other Jack-up Barges such as modular jack-up barges, lift boats, accommodation jack-up barges, jack-up rigs and monohull jack-up barges may also be available.  These include jack-up barges and lift boats with accommodation modules and helidecks available worldwide to include those with or without dynamic position (DP1/DP2/DP3) or self propulsion.  Please contact us for any specific jack-up barges, self elevating platforms and lift boat requirements on E: info@fairwaysmarinebrokerage.co.uk or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.


Windfarm Installation Vessel - Sale / Charter

Vessle Title Here
Built:Various ages - Please contact us Class:Windfarm Installation Vessels / Jackups Dimensions:80 - 180m various sizes GT/NT: Propulsion:Self Propelled Accommodation:30 - 150 pax various ranges Location:Worldwide
FMB 0806:

Combifloat Jack-up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge - POA
Built:2008 Class:+100A5 K(20) Self Elevating Unit (GL) Dimensions:30.50m x 18.30m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:South America (others available worldwide)
FMB 0805:

Self Propelled Jack up Barge

Self Propelled Jack up Barge - POA
Built:2016 Class:ABS Dimensions:43.80m (hull) + Helideck GT/NT:2781/834 Propulsion:Self Propelled Accommodation:71 – option to increase to 120 Location:Middle East
FMB 0769:

Modular Jack up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge - POA
Built:TBC – Limited Use Class:Can provide DNV-GL class if required Dimensions:18.30m x 12.20m x 1.52m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Europe
FMB 0743:

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)
Built:2015 Class:ABS + A1 MODU Dimensions:63.00m x 38.00m x 4.30m (draft) GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:75 + potential to increase Location:Asia
FMB 0885:

Modular Jack up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge
Built:2016 Class:TBC Dimensions:30m x 18m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Middle East
FMB 0664:

Self Elevating Platform

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2010 Class:Offshore Self Elevating Unit Dimensions:50.00m x 29m x 2.5m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:6 Location:Asia
FMB 0292:

Self Elevating Platform (optional 400t crane)

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2012 Class:TBC Dimensions:55m x 30m x 3.2m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:39 Location:Asia
FMB 0321:

Modular Jack Up Barge

Modular Jack Up Barge - POA
Built:New Class:TBC Dimensions:24.50m x 17.10m x 2.45m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Europe