Offshore Vessels

Offshore service vessels such as anchor handling tug supply (AHTS or AHT), platform supply vessels (PSV), offshore service vessels (OSV), field support vessels (FSV) have been traditionally used internationally in the offshore oil and gas and more recently renewable energy fields.  With ever increasing requirements, technology has been developed to equip some of these offshore service vessels with dynamic positioning (DP1, DP2, DP3), electronic fuel managment systems (EFMS), remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and offshore vessel inspection database (OVID) where appropriate.  At Fairways Marine Brokerage we aim to locate the appropriate offshore vessel, whether a PSV, AHT, AHTS, OSV, FSV or dive support vessel for your requirement.   Please contact us on E: or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.



DP2 Anchor Handling Tug Supply AHT for sale Egypt
Built:2002 Class:ABS
Dimensions:80m LOA
GT/NT:3160 (GRT)/1187(NRT)
Propulsion:4 x 4080 bhp
Accommodation:32 (tbc)
Location:On Request
FMB 0920:

New DP2 Multipurpose Offshore Supply Vessel

DP2 Multipurpose Offshore Support Vessel
Built:2015/16 New Build Class:TBC Dimensions:75.55 LOA GT/NT:4240/1273 Propulsion:2 x Hyundai 2320 kw Accommodation:60 Pax Location:Asia
FMB 0943:

Platform Supply Vessel

Platform Supply Vessel Europe Fleet
Built:2002 Class:DNV
Dimensions:67.00m (LOA) GT/NT:TBC Propulsion:2 x Bergen Accommodation:22
Location:On request
FMB 0861:

80 TBP Anchor Handling Tug

80 TBP Anchor Handling Tug - POA
Built:1999 Class:13/3E BV Dimensions:42.50m (LOA), 11.60m (Beam), 4.40m (Draft max.) GT/NT:636T/191T Propulsion:2 x Wartsila 6L26 Accommodation:22 Total Location:Middle East
FMB 0946:

DP2 Platform Supply Vessel - Diesel Electric

PSV with dynamic positioning 2 DP 2
Built:2008 Class:ABS Dimensions:68.58m (LOA) GT/NT:1691(GRT) Propulsion:2 x 843 kW (1,130 hp), Z-Drive, 360º azimuthing thruster Accommodation:16 Berths Location:On request
FMB 0782:

130 TBP Anchor Handling/Towing Tug

Anchor Handling/Towing Tug - POA
Built:2007 Class:ABS + A1, Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1 (E), + AMS Dimensions:51.00m, 13m (Beam), 4.5 – 5.4 (draft) GT/NT:1123T / 337T Propulsion:2 x MAK 8M32 Accommodation:30 Location:Middle East
FMB 0780:

90 TBP Anchor Handling/Ocean Going Tug

Anchor Handling/Ocean Going Tug - POA
Built:2003 Class:ABS + A1, Towing Vessel, (E), + AMS Dimensions:45.00m (LOA) GT/NT:777T / 233T Propulsion:2 x MAK Accommodation:21 Location:Middle East
FMB 0867:

Anchor Handling Tug 41 TBP

Anchor Handling Tug
Built:2000 Class:ABS + A1, Towing Vessel (E), + AMS Dimensions:37.0m (LOA), 11.40m (Beam), 5.0m (Draft) GT/NT:466T/140T Propulsion:2 x Caterpillar 3512B Accommodation:15 Location:Middle East
FMB 0778:

60 TBP Anchor Handling/Towage Tug

Anchor Handling/Towage Tug - POA
Built:2003 Class:ABS + A1, Towing Vessel, (E), + AMS Dimensions:40m (LOA) x 11.4m (Breath) x 4.4 – 4.9 (draft) GT/NT:497T/149T Propulsion:2 x MAK 8M20 Accommodation:18 Location:Middle East
FMB 0953:

65 TBP Anchor Handling Tug - DP1 (similar available)

Dynamic Positioning Anchor Handling Tug
Built:2009 Class:ABS
Dimensions:60.10m LOA
GT/NT:1713GT/514 NT Propulsion:2 x Niigata (5000 bhp) Accommodation:26 Location:Middle East
FMB 0955:

Fast Supply Vessel - DP1

DP1 Fast Supply Crew Vessel
GT/NT:270 T/81T Propulsion:4 x 1800 bhp (Cummins) - 23kts top speed Accommodation:10 (can carry 36 passengers)
Location:Gulf of Mexico