Jack Up Barges and Lift boats

A selection of jack up barges, lift boats and modular jack up barges for sale (or charter) through Fairways Marine Brokerage are listed below. Other Jack up Barges such as modular jack up barges, lift boats, accommodation jack up barges and monohull jack up barges may also be available.  These include jack up barges and lift boats with accommodation modules and helidecks in various locations to include the Europe, the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico and West Africa (Nigeria, Angola, etc.) and those with or without dynamic position and/or self propulsion.  Please contact us for any specific self elevating barge requirements on E: info@fairwaysmarinebrokerage.co.uk or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 0806:

Modular Jack up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge - POA
Built:2008 Class:+100A5 K(20) Self Elevating Unit (GL) Dimensions:30.50m x 18.30m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:South America
FMB 0805:

Self Propelled Jack up Barge

Self Propelled Jack up Barge - POA
Built:2016 Class:ABS Dimensions:43.80m (hull) + Helideck GT/NT:2781/834 Propulsion:# Accommodation:71 – option to increase to 120 Location:Middle East
FMB 0769:

Modular Jack up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge - POA
Built:TBC – Limited Use Class:Can provide DNV-GL class if required Dimensions:18.30m x 12.20m x 1.52m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Europe
FMB 0743:

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)
Built:2015 Class:ABS + A1 MODU Dimensions:63.00m x 38.00m x 4.30m (draft) GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:75 + potential to increase Location:Asia
FMB 0885:

Modular Jack up Barge

Modular Jack up Barge
Built:2016 Class:TBC Dimensions:30m x 18m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Middle East
FMB 0664:

Self Elevating Platform

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2010 Class:Offshore Self Elevating Unit Dimensions:50.00m x 29m x 2.5m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:6 Location:Asia
FMB 0292:

Self Elevating Platform

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2012 Class:TBC Dimensions:55m x 30m x 3.2m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:39 Location:Asia
FMB 0321:

Modular Jack Up Barge

Modular Jack Up Barge - POA
Built:New Class:TBC Dimensions:24.50m x 17.10m x 2.45m GT/NT:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Europe